William James Holcomb


  1. Summary

    I am currently in the market for remote opportunities. I write my best code in ruby.

  2. Work Experience
    • Department of Happiness Bluff City, TN Founder 2/2017–
      • Technologies: Rails, Apiary, API Blueprint, GitHub, Slack, Angular
      • Projects:
        • Stay: Backend and API Blueprint for an interface for leasing space and delegating maintenance tasks.
    • Techtronic Industries Anderson, SC Rails Developer 9/2017–9/2018
      • Technologies: Rails, GitHub, Slack, RSpec
      • Projects:
        • Ridgid's Registration Portal: Significant rewrite of front and back ends to accomidate a new design.
        • Ryobi's Newsletter: Added interface and list management for email opt-ins.
        • General Maintenance:
    • Cerner Corporation Kansas City, MO Rails Developer 3/2016–12/2016
      • Technologies: Rails, GitHub, JIRA, Crucible, Slack, IRC, Standups, Microsoft Office, RSpec, Cucumber, Code Reviews
      • Projects:
        • Kaiju: Added HTML components to toolkit for formatting data from java-based backend for presentation in a patient's chart.
        • Charts: Implemented display sections of the redesigned patient chart solution.
    • Mindtonic Media Asheville, NC Rails Developer 2/2015–1/2016
      • Technologies: Rails, Pivotal Tracker, Slack, Pair Programming, GitHub, Amazon Cloudfront, RSpec, jQuery, API Blueprint
      • Projects:
        • Groupdini: RSpec test-driven extension of a Rails server backing an API Blueprint for a social networking application.
        • BeautifulNow: Javascript-based continuous scroll UI and database management for a Rails application providing art competitions.
    • Synaptian Johnson City, TN Rails Developer 4/2012–11/2014
      • Technologies: Rails, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine, GitHub, Linux, Heroku, Amazon EC2 & S3, Standups, Capistrano, jQuery
      • Projects:
        • Beverage Industries: Rails app for inventory tracking, auctioning, and sales of beverage manufacturing equipment with javascript headline and banner rotation plugins.
        • Aphid: Amazon MWS and PAA delayed_job scraper tracking 60,000+ products per day with D3 charting and custom analytics housed in PostgreSQL and Redis.
        • Howlin' Wolf: Cordova-based Couchbase-backed Ember.js mobile app for syncing recorded levels from oil wells with a Rails app.
    • Sun Microsystems Reading, MA Summer Internship 6/2008–10/2008
      • Technologies: Solaris, Daily Standups, Scrums
      • Project:
    • Vanderbilt Human-Machine Teams Laboratory Nashville, TN Research Assistant 4/2007–12/2009
      • Aided in the development and testing of an interface for controlling teams of robots for responding to chemical spills.
    • Marijuana Policy Project Washington, DC Web Administrator 1/2006–3/2007
    • Peace Corps Mauritania Volunteer 3/2003–12/2005
  3. Education
  4. Computer Languages