Tennessee Tech Helpdesk Utilities

Long long ago ('96 - '02) I was a student at good ol' TTU. ("There are lots of people that take seven years to get their degree; they're called 'doctors.'") During my extended tenure I rewrote the utilities used by the helpdesk workers to report their status. These are just here for me to reminisce over from time to time and maybe reference if, God forbid, I need to write some C.


At :15 past and :15 before we had to run a little program called "checkin" to say that we were alive and that there were no problems in the lab.


At :30 past we ran another program called "roomcount" with a report of how many people were in the lab.

The more entertaining program than either of these was the little DCL script which created a batch job and ran both of these programs automatically with random values so I didn't have to be bothered with them. ☺