For a slideshow project of mine, I needed to play a mp3 in time with the display of pictures. Straight HTML doesn't provide a method for this and so I decided upon a Flash component since that should be fairly widely accessible both cross browsers and platforms.

There are several Flash based mp3 players available, and the xspf player was just about what I wanted except its interactivity with Javascript is limited.

So, I set about trying to update it. The problem is that it was done in the Flash Studio program which costs $500 I don't have. In seeking an alternative, I found MTASC. It was made to be used in conjunction with the Flash studio, but if one is willing to forgo the graphical interface design stuff, you can create a program using just it.

So, this is the resultant player:

I am having a hell of a time with scoping and instantiation in ActionScript, so at this point it is all in one class and very procedural.