I just need to know how this displays before I put it in my OkCupid profile.

Understanding my life: (the visceral approach)

1. Take [[Siddhartha]], [[Notes from the Underground]], [[Prince of Tides]], [[Wuthering Heights]], the [[Tao Te Ching]] and [[Me Talk Pretty]]

2. Stuff them in a blender

3. Turn to liquefy and toss in:

a handful of dirt

a squirt of whipped cream

two shots of [[Jack]]

4. Bake the resultant mixture into a cake

5. Mail it to your grandmother

6. Instruct her to set it on fire

7. Voila

In short, it's complicated and a bit odd. ☺ I just go with it and collect stories. Even the most painful of experiences can be redeemed with a good story in my opinion.