Sequence Playing Rules

For 2,4,6 or 8 players

  1. Two teams are formed with players seated alternately around the table.
  2. Each person is given a stack of poker chips in the team color. White chips are given to the team as they make a "Sequence".
  3. The object of the game is to place poker chips of your team’s color in five consecutive spaces, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  4. Two poker decks are shuffled by the dealer, who deals five to each player, one at a time around the table.
  5. Two approximately equal decks are placed face up to form the draw piles.
  6. The player to the left of the dealer plays first, placing one chip on the playing board that is identical to the card he plays.
  7. These cards are placed face up in front of the player to form a discard pile.
  8. The players then draws from the draw deck to replace the card that was played.
  9. If he forgets to draw he is required to wait until the completion of his next turn.
  10. On your turn, your must play your card first and then draw to fill your hand to five cards.
  11. Players try to assist their partners attempts to achieve a Sequence or to block the opponents' attempts.
  12. There is to be no discussion between players.
  13. The player who achieves a Sequence must say "Sequence".
  14. The game is won when a team achieves two Sequences.
  15. You can use one card in a Sequence to make a second Sequence.
  16. If a player has a card that can not be played on the board ("dead card"), another may be drawn on his turn.